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The activities sponsored by Fakir Mohan College Alumni Association.

Jubilee Commemorialian Building (Subarna Smaraki Bhawan) Fakir Mohan College Alumni Association Office Fakir Mohan College Guest House
College Post Office cum Security Post Vigyan Bhawan which houses the Senior Chemistry Lab and Auditorium. Senior College Chemistry Lab
  New Auditorium.  


a. Awards and Samman-
Without making the Association occasion specific, it was decided to continue with it and in the process to do some works of substance for the institution and the student community. That precisely accounts for the awards that are being given since its inception to the meritorious students of the college who have made the college proud by bringing laurels to the Institution on various fields : Academics, Sports, Culture etc. These are basically sponsored awards instituted by some generous souls of Balasore in memory of their parents . Association wants to record its gratitude to the following patrons but for whose generosity, the Awards and the Samman could not have seen the lights of the day.
1. Mr. Sudarshan Nayak
2. Mr. Himanshu Das
3. Dr. Prahallad Ch. Mohanty & Smt Nirmala Mohanty
4. Mr. Sudhasindhu Panda
5. Mr. Jayant Kumar Mohapatra
6. Col Sarat Kumar Mohapatra
7. Mr. Narayan Jena
8. Mr. P.K Ashe
9. Mr. Bijay Kumar Bhuyan
10. Mr. Raj Khandelwal
11. Mr. Bijay Kumar Mishra
12. Mr. Syamsundar Dey
13. Smt. Basanti Dey Chakrabarty
14. Er. Soumendra Mohanty
15. Mr. Sanjeeb Kumar Das
16. Hoshie and Malcom Bodhanwalla
17. Dr. Rashmi Kanta Jatania
18. Dr. Debananda Pati
19. Mr. Atmaram Mohapatra
20. Smt Mayarani Saha
21. Md. Sabbir Ali Khan
22. Dr. Satyabrata Nanda
23. Mr Santosh Kumar Senapati
24. Mr. Girish Ch. Sarangi
25. Mr. Manmatha Sahu
26. Dr. Harish Chandra Jena
27. Sk. Sahirul Haque
28. Dr Amitav Giri
Since 2002, the Association started a new tradition of honouring the old students and teachers of the college who as taught and teacher together have
made the college unique and worth remembering

2002 Prof. Chintamani Behera Chhatra Gaurav Samman
  Smt . Sindhumati Devi Chhatri Gaurav Samman
2003 Prof. Trilochan Mishra Shikhyak Gaurav Samman
  Dr. Radha Devi Chhatri Gaurav Samman
  Sri Asim Basu Chhatra Gaurav Samman
2004 Prof. Jayanta Mohapatra Shikhyak Gaurav Samman
  Sri Manoj Das Chhatra Gourav Samman
  Smt. Shanti Devi Chhatri Gaurav Samman
2005 Prof. Srinibas Mishra Shikhyak Gaurav Samman
  Dr. Shyamsundar Mohapatra Chhatra Gourav Samman
  Smt Suvidya Devi Chhatri Gaurav Samman
2006 Prof.Satya Narayan Mohanty Shikhyak Gaurav Samman
  Dr.Gourgopal Dandapat Chhatri Gaurav Samman

b) Institutional Development:
No institution can grow in vacuum. This dictum is all the more biting in a globally competitive world when infrastructure plays a vital role in the overall development of an institution. With the State Govt. passing through a severe resource crunch and thereby abdicating its responsibility, the Association has volunteered to fill in the gap and to the delight of the students and the institution, has constructed buildings to the tune of almost 16,000 sqft. It mainly comprises:
Subarna Smaraki Bhawan, a building in three stories measuring around 5000 sqft which houses the State Bank, College Co-operative Store, Alumni Office, Teachers' Common Room, Office of the Controller of Examinations.
Vigyan Bhawan, a building in three stories of approx 10,500 sqft which houses the B.Sc. Chemistry Lab, a modern Auditorium, and the proposed Examination Valuation Hall
The New Post Office ,building a small but cute building of 500 sqft which houses the college Post Officer and which previously operated from a room in the_Zoology Dept . Its shifting to its new location has enabled the Zoology Dept. to open a new model class room in its place.
Funding for Infrastructural Expansion:
The raising of these buildings have been mainly possible as a result of the kind attitude shown by Sri M.A. Kharabela Swain, M.P. Balasore and Sri Jiban Pradeep Dash, Ex-M.L.A., Balasore. Both of them have sanctioned liberally from their MPLAD and MLALAD fund to make these projects successful. In
addition to Sri Swain and
Sri Dash, the college authorities, students, old students, staff of the college and the general public of Balasore have exhibited acts of unique charity to give F. M. College a new looK, a new identity.

Our valued Patrons:
Besides the generous souls who have institued awards and besides Sri. M.A. Kharabela Swain and Sri Jiban Pradeep Dash, some other people who have helped to give F M. College a new identity need worth mentioning. They are: Sri Rama Chandra Ray, Sri Jayant Mohapatra, retired demonstrator, F. M. College, Smt. Basanti Dey Chakraborty, an old student settled in U.S.A., old students like Sri Himanshu Das, Er. Soumendra Mohanty, Sri Sudhasindhu Panda, Sri Jiban Krushna Das, Sk. Sabbir Ali Khan, Kishan Khandelwal, Sri Raghunath Lenka ,Ranjit Das, Ashok Singh and many others.